News update – 13th May

Visited the site today and it’s bone dry up there but there are plenty of orchids flowering. Highlights include:

  • hybrids – about 100+ plants if full flower, looking very good indeed and they seem to have avoided the effects of the drought
  • Lady Orchid – just 1 in flower this year but it’s looking very good
  • Monkey Orchids –¬†I counted 15-20 but most were very small indeed and showing signs of aborting due to the prolonged drought this year – especially those on the southern face. That said, there are some very nice plants over on the western side.
  • White Helleborines – plenty of plants up in the woods but none seen on the grassland this year – too dry, I suspect. Most are in bud.
  • Chalk Milkwort – flowering well and plenty across the slope
  • Downy-fruited Sedge – plenty of flowering plants this year but very difficult to find
  • Pasque Flower – about 10 in full flower in slope 4. These seem to be¬†flowering for a long time this year but all plants are very small.
  • No Grizzled Skippers seen but plenty of Dingy Skippers, 1 Small Heath and Green Hairstreaks were seen a few weeks ago. Also 1 Common Blue was seen today.
  • Two pairs of Hobby seen flying across the tops of the trees and the river.

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