The latest news is on Facebook

This year I’ll be posting all the latest news on our Facebook page – here:

EDIT 26/4/2017): So far we just have 1 Lady orchid in flower and the drought is keeping the other orchids fairly small. The hybrids will flower perhaps in the coming bank-holiday weekend (29th) and I suspect that the Monkey orchids will be at least another week. But if we get plenty of rain then things might accelerate.

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  1. That is sad – I used to enjoy your news thread, but no way am I going to join Facebook . . . . .

  2. Hi John – don’t worry, I will update here as often as I can but it takes more time ot update both places so I might not be able to post as often here as I did before. My workload has increased massively and I do all the work at Hartslock on a voluntary basis so I have to be careful with the amount of time I have available 🙂 Best wishes, Chris R.

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