Report from the slope

Just a quick update on today’s conditions. It’s very wet under foot and muddy in places – especially in the lane. Very breezy with heavy showers makes it quite a bad day to see the plants. Two hybrids have been lost to snails but the rest are flowering well, as are the Lady and Monkey orchids, though the Lady is starting to look a little pale.

On a more positive note I have just seen 2 Club-tailed Dragonflies on the slope and Zophomyia temula, a nice parasite fly 🙂 No Grizzled but there are still Dingy Skippers and more Common Blues.

Sunday update: weather very bad all day – site very muddy 🙁   Gerry and I spent a very wet and windy day on the hill mapping in a dozen new orchids. The new figures are very impressive 🙂

Some of my photos from the weekend:

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