Orchid season has started … kinda

Looks like a lovely weekend ahead and the orchids are starting as they mean to go one with 1 nice Lady orchid and plenty of hybrids in flower. No signs of the Money orchids at all yet – hence the slightly guarded declaration of a start to the season.

Butterflies are appearing too, with 2 Grizzled Skippers seen (in slopes 2 & 4), Green Hairstreaks (on the hedge in 2 and down in the lowest corner of 4) and Dingy Skipper (on slope 4). Also plenty of Brimstones, Orange Tips, Green-veined Whites and a Peacock seen. Lots of Pyrausta nigritia and Small Purple Barred moth too. Also a few female Bombylius major still hanging on and some Osmia bicolor and Andrena cineraria in abundance too.

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