Early May update

I went up to have a look at the slope today, after having been away last weekend. I have to say the patch of hybrids was looking superb and the overall condition of the plants and the slope was very reassuring. The monkey orchids are mainly in bud but away from the public-access areas there were one or two in flower but the rest should open by next week.

The rain has made the paths and grass very wet and slippery so be careful if you do chose to visit. In these conditions I prefer good walking boots but you do have to be even more careful than usual to avoid treading on orchids because the thick tread will wreck anything you step on – as you can see in the photos below. Visitors often ask me why we cordon off the orchids and these show exactly why – while most visitors are very careful there are always a few that just don’t look where they are walking.

Here are a few quick iPhone photos:

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