A walk round in the sun

Today was my biannual walk round with Martyn Lane, my line manager at BBOWT. The general aim is to check what work needs to be done and to report back any issues to Martyn – requests for equipment etc.┬áToday we managed to dodge the showers completely and it was gloriously sunny for the whole afternoon.

Insects were on the wing in good numbers, sunning and nectaring on dandilions and ground ivy. These included: Dingy Skipper (20+), Grizzled Skipper (1 very fresh), Small Heath (1), Peacock (1), Orange Tip (2), Osmia bicolor (a bee that nests in old snail shells), Gymnocheta viridis and lots of Bombylius major (bee fly).

Pasque Flowers were doing very well with about 10 clumps in flower.

Pasque flower
Gymnocheta viridis

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