The next flush of insects

No sooner have we seen the last of the Dingy skippers bite the dust then the next species are on the wing … what a crazy year it is. Today I spent a very nice time showing visitors around and while we admired the views we saw: quite a few Meadow Browns & Large Skippers; a female Chalk-hill Blue; a Small Tortoishell; and … a Dark Green Fritillary! ┬áIn addition we saw quite a few tatty Common Blues and Small Heaths, a Brimstone and some other Whites (at distance).

The early emergence of mayflies has ended (Ephemera vulgata and danica) but now the real rarities are on the wing – Ephemera lineata.

Bee orchids are also just coming into flower, along with Bastard Toadflax, Yellow-wort, Clustered Bellflower and Thyme.

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