Orchid mapping phase-1 finished

The first part of the mapping, where we try to locate all previously recorded rare orchids, has finished – many thanks to Becca and all the other helpers!

The big news has been the massive increase in the number of hybrid Lady x Monkey plants – partly a real increase and partly due to some under-recording last year. This year we have mapped 299, 66 of which are in bud, but all in roughly the same area as they have always been. Only a few have been found in the woodland edge outside the orchid enclosure and a few possibly Lady orchid seedlings have come up in the path.

This increase in hybrids has not been at the expense of the monkey orchids though, as we have already recorded 418 of those. Last year’s record was 427 and we usually find another 10-20 new plants through May as they pop up and flower.

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