The 2010 orchid count so far…

On the March workparty Beryl & I had a tentative look at the orchid slope to see if anything was coming up. The weather this winter has been very cold and we were worried that the plants might be very late this year.

Evidence on the ground showed that the orchids were definitely stunted, when compared to this time in previous years, but they were indeed coming up and were probably big enough to start counting. At the end of that session we had 78 plants but these were mainly hybrids & Lady orchids because they were bigger and easier to find.

Today (21st March) I went back to the slope and had a closer look at some of the busier squares to see if I could make a real dent on the mapping. The hybrids were very easy to find and I found most of them fairly easily – the only problem is working out which plant is which because they are packed quite densely into a relatively small area. There look to me a few more hybrids this year so we will have to return to this area and map them in later.

In the other squares where the Monkey orchids are found I had mixed results. Over on the western side the plants were fairly large and easy to find but as I moved around to the southern side the plants got much smaller and harder to locate so I decided to call it a day and let the sun and rain work its magic and bring the plants on more before returning to map those.

On the March workparty a week ago we saw a very nice male Brimstone. There was nothing as exotic today but I did notice the first Hairy Violet flower coming out.

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