April 2016 update


I visited the site today and thought I’d update everyone on the orchid flowering. Basically it’s looking like a fairly late year (certainly not early) so I wouldn’t expect any of the orchid species to flower before the first week of May with the usual sequence of Lady, hybrid, Monkey. All species should be flowering throughout May but this depends largely on the way the weather develops through the next 2 months.

We have only just started to map the plants but it looks like we might get 2 Lady orchids flowering and a few hundred hybrids – 98% in the same square as they first appeared. Monkey orchid numbers are harder to estimate but today I found plenty so it should be a fairly average year for them.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    You are probably aware, but we found Pasque Flower in bloom in the Valley Field (Compartment 5 NOT 3 that I quoted on Facebook message)

    Best wishes
    Martin Wise
    Coombe End Cottages

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