Status update

Went up to the site yesterday and it all looks lovely – the views from the top of the hill are stunning at this time of year.

The orchids have done well this year, with about 230 hybrids, 1 lady orchid and about 100 monkey orchids. Currently the Lady orchid has finished flowering and many of the hybrids are looking past their best or are going to seed but there are still plenty of see. The Monkey orchids are doing better, due to a late start this year, and there are lots to be found skulking in the long grass but looking very nice when you get up close 🙂

Watch out for Hobby while you are up there – there have been about 3 pairs nesting in the area and flying very prominently over the river and Lower Hartslock Wood. Kestrels, Red Kites, Buzzards and Sparrowhawks are also doign well.

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