Hare, hare … or is that here?!

Sorry … bad pun intended! But the good news is that a hare was seen on the February workparty today – only fleetingly because it broke cover from some long grass at the base of slope 4 and was last seen bounding across the hill into slope 3! But I think that this is the first sighting of a hare on Hartslock …  ever, so well worth reporting 🙂

The rest of the workparty was relatively uneventful but we managed to trudge through the snow to the far side of slope 4 and finished off the scrub management along that lower fence – a job that we have been slowly chipping away at all winter. The improvement to the cleared area is really obvious and I hope that the light will get in and help the grassland flowers to flourish. We intend to allow some of the scrub line to come back gradually over time, to provide more shelter for invertebrates but in the meantime they should be fine.

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