July 2009 workparty

This month the ground was wet under foot from overnight rain but the showers relented in the main and it was a warm sunny day – ideal for wandering around and just observing things.

For me the best sightings were the Dark-Green Fritillary and the many Prosena siberita (a parasite fly which attacks small chafer/scarab beetles). The site looked wonderful though, with lots of Pyramidal orchids, Knapweeds, Scobious, Marjoram, Clustered Bellflowers, Centaury, Hairbells and thistles all over the site.Dodder and Bastard Toadflax were also showing very well.

Insects included Large Whites, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Marbled Whites, Painted Lady, Comma, Common Blue, Small/Essex Skippers, 6-spot Burnet, Mecyna flavalis (a rare yellow pyralid), Pyrausta nigrita, Eriothrix rufomaculata, Tachina fera, Andrena hattorfiana and a few other interesting Diptera.

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