Easter Friday 2022

Just back from a stunning lunch up on Hartslock today – only a few others up there enjoying the sun and gentle breeze. The hibernating butterflies were out in force (Brimstone males & females, Peacock – Small Tortoishell was out last weekend) but I had to go right over to the far side of field 4 before I found the first of the year’s Dingy Skippers. There was also 1 male Orange Tip in the lane outside the site.

I’ve been quite surprised how late everything looks, considering the warm sunny days we have been having for the last 2 weeks, but night temperatures have been low and everything looks very dry. There are a lot of hybrid rosettes coming in to bud (possibly flowering in a week) and one Lady Orchid (possibly flowering after Easter) but I haven’t seen any of the much smaller Monkey Orchids yet.

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