12th May 2019 – looking good

Here’s just a quick update from the site as of today (12/5/2019). The hybrids are looking amazing and are probably at their peak flowering now. Still no sign of the Lady Orchid so that has clearly skipped a year. Here are a few photos on the Monkey Orchids, starting with a new one on slope 1, which Gerry discovered last weekend. It’s just by a patch of Adder’s Tongue fern so be careful if you take photos. The rest are a fair example of the range of sizes we have this year. Most are pretty small and many are not open yet so it’s probably best to go next weekend to see them at their best.

Here are some photos of the hybrids, looking amazing as always:

Butterflies weren’t very common but I saw quite a few Brimstone & Dingy Skipper, plus some Common Blues and a Small Heath.

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