May 2019 – orchids starting

Just come back from putting out the path-marker tapes with Gerry. The hybrids are flowering very well and looking great but the big news is that no Lady Orchids are flowering this year. This is the first time we haven’t had a Lady Orchid flower for many years and might show signs that the plants are weakening. The Lady Orchids haven’t spread from their original location and so it seems that the site isn’t really very well suited for them.

Most Monkey Orchids are still in tight bud with only one or two just opening. Be very careful when walking on the slope because it’s very very difficult to see the plants in bud and it is very easy to step on them.

For those that wonder why we rope-off the orchids and try to keep visitors to the paths should take note of the photo of plants that have already been flattened. I’m sure that visitors are all well-meaning but it is so easy to get distracted by the view and step on even large orchids.

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