Workparty – 10th January 2010

This was a real novelty because we actually had to cancel one due to heavy snow! I think this has only ever happened once before and then it was just a light dusting. This time my car was stranded in my driveway in Tilehurst and I was told by friends in Goring that the lane […]

Workparty – 11th October 2009

I can’t pretend that it was a glorious sunny day – it drizzled heavily all morning, once we had actually got over to field 5. But we stayed there and it wasn’t heavy enough to be too much of a nuisance and we managed to clear several areas in a large belt of bramble at […]

August workparty – 9th August 2009

We had a really excellent day for the August workparty and so we spent the time just strolling over the site, looking for Dodder and other interesting things. Dodder was very common across compartments 4 & 5 but a little less so than the exceptional year of 2008. Isolated patches also occur across the rest […]

July 2009 workparty

This month the ground was wet under foot from overnight rain but the showers relented in the main and it was a warm sunny day – ideal for wandering around and just observing things.

For me the best sightings were the Dark-Green Fritillary and the many Prosena siberita (a parasite fly which attacks small chafer/scarab […]