Some nice finds

On todays work party we got the slope ready for visitors by setting out the last of the tapes, to protect the Monkey orchids that are just pushing through the grass. The orchid mapping is going quite well, if a little slowly, and we have been finding lots of Monkey orchids in bud so it […]

Tidying up after the storms

Today’s work party really felt like the first proper day of Spring with 17C and glorious sun. Four species of butterfly were seen on the wing (Small Tortoishell, Brimstone, Peacock & Comma) and there were plenty of Bombus terrestris queens out looking for nesting sites.

The first task was to deal with the willow tree […]

A mid-summer stroll

After a really wet start to the summer that kept me off the site for months, it was a real delight today to have a walk across the slopes with some volunteers and to really take in and savour the gorgeous condition of the grassland.

If you haven’t been to Hartslock in mid summer then […]

Hare, hare … or is that here?!

Sorry … bad pun intended! But the good news is that a hare was seen on the February workparty today – only fleetingly because it broke cover from some long grass at the base of slope 4 and was last seen bounding across the hill into slope 3! But I think that this is the […]

After the rains …

Had a tiring but very enjoyable day on the reserve yesterday. I was very keen to see what it looked like because we had had some heavy rain – the first for nearly 2 months! Gerry & I spent the morning workparty revisiting all the mapped squares, noting down which orchids were in flower but […]

Workparty – 8th August 2010

Lovely weather today so just walked around the site enjoying it. Lots of Dodder, Clustered Bellflower, Yellow-wort, Knapweed, Field Scabious, Carline Thistle & Centaury in full flower. Buzzards & Kites were overhead the whole morning and the views were magnificent.

Butterflies were very good too, with lots of Chalkhill Blues, Common Blues, Meadow Browns & […]

Workparty – 11th July 2010

BBOWT have been working on a large-scale ‘Chiltern Grasslands Project’ for some time and part of that will be to re-fence some of the compartments at Hartslock – mainly slopes 1 and 2. Today we decided to do some work to open up a corridor along the bottom of the site, through the woods, where […]

Workparty – 11th April 2010

We had an absolutely superb day on the reserve today, with glorious weather and a slightly chill wind. A few of the group went to continue cutting the taller scrub at the bottom of slope 3, while the rest of us divided into 2 groups and continued the orchid mapping.

Wildlife was abundant, with Brimstones, […]

Workparty – 14th March 2010

We had a really lovely Spring day for this workparty – the sun was shining but the wind kept the air a bit keen, so I decided that we’d go to the bottom of slope 3 and finish off some of the scrub management.

The aim of today’s work was to continue the long-term project […]

Workparty – 14th February 2010

We usually do quite well for weather of workparties but this one was a bit drizzly. It wasn’t too bad though and it was our official BBOWT yearly review where they send along a member of staff from outside our area and he spends the morning with us and finishes by asking whether we need […]