Spring 2020 – late May

By the end of May the site started to look really dry and parched, with the paths clearly taking a real hammering from visitors. Sadly, this also saw a large burn mark appear at the top of the orchid slope, left by an inconsiderate visitor who decided to have a BBQ up there and […]

Spring 2020 – early May

Here are a few more photos to show how the site developed through May, when it was possible to travel more freely to exercise. The lack of rain was good for the insects but has caused quite a lot of the orchids to be very short in stature or to abort flowering completely. This […]

Spring 2020 update #2

During lockdown we were unable to visit the site, except for really exceptional reasons. I live locally so was able to justify visits for exercise and while there I completed some much needed maintenance and safety work.

This is how it looked on 1st May when I put up the path marker tapes. […]

Spring 2020 update #1

Apologies for being off-line but with the lockdown I was only able to get to the site rarely and we (the Trust & I) decided not to encourage people to break lockdown by showing any photos of the site of the orchids. So, here are a few images that I snapped up there on […]

Wild Flower Society visit

Showed a group from the Wild Flower Society around the reserve today and we all had a really great time. Highlights of the day were the last few Monkey Orchids & hybrids, lots of Common Spotted Orchids & Pyramidals; Downy-fruited Sedge doing well; literally hundreds of Bee Orchids (must be an excellent year); Bastard […]

How to distinguish our hybrids from the parent species

Orchis purpurea x simia (=angusticruris) on Hartslock NR

I’m often asked about our Lady x Monkey orchid hybrids and visitors frequently seem confused about how to distinguish them from their parents. So here is a quick summary and discussion about them to give you some tips.

Here is a summary of the features that […]

12th May 2019 – looking good

Here’s just a quick update from the site as of today (12/5/2019). The hybrids are looking amazing and are probably at their peak flowering now. Still no sign of the Lady Orchid so that has clearly skipped a year. Here are a few photos on the Monkey Orchids, starting with a new one on […]

May 2019 – orchids starting

Just come back from putting out the path-marker tapes with Gerry. The hybrids are flowering very well and looking great but the big news is that no Lady Orchids are flowering this year. This is the first time we haven’t had a Lady Orchid flower for many years and might show signs that the […]

Monkey orchids have started

Checked on the orchids during the regular May workparty and found about a dozen or more starting to flower. There are plenty still in tight bud though so I’d encourage visitors to wait until next weekend, otherwise the ones in bud are going to be trodden on before they become visible. However, the Lady orchid […]

Bank holiday Monday update

Absolutely scorching hot up there today. Lady orchid & hybrids flowering well but the Monkey orchids are still in tight bud (see below). I would expect the first to be in flower by next weekend, though you could wait a week to get more of them out.

Lots of Grizzled & Dingy Skippers and Green […]